Took my inherited 75-76 Les Paul Deluxe Blue Sparkle to get appraised, what can I expect?


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Dec 30, 2010
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Yes, I have spoken to them, and as long as I have pictures and receipts, it is covered up to the Amount I have set in my Policy. I think she mentioned that one specific guitar like a collectors edition of more than 15k-20k, you should have extra insurance on it, because maybe just that one guitar is targeted and that is all they take.

Musical instrument Insurance is more for piece of mind for someone who depends on there instrument(s) to make a living and such. Also, for musicians that travel and it covers other circumstances that most of us at home players will never run into. At the end of the day, it is just another Bill and if an instrument is worth a lot like 15k or more, then you can get it if you feel it might get stolen, damaged, etc.... etc....

In the end, if the OP's collectors guitar gets stolen or destroyed, it is pretty much irreplaceable for the most part, especially those of us that have bonded with a particular guitar or guitars that have taken us years to find. You can get the money, but you can't really replace the guitar. Plus, the OP's was purchased for a lot less than it's value now, hence collectors. I would think the insurance would give you what the valuation was that you received, not needing extra insurance, but he should check with his insurance company to see what they would give him for it without extra insurance. If needed, sure... buy extra insurance for it. I am not worried about someone coming into my home and stealing my guitars, even when my 5k Custom was on the wall, none of them are collectors. I have a Joe Bonamassa black beauty that only so many were made and that may be worth something some day, but that day is still a long ways away.
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