Tokai Les Paul Reborn Wanted - cash waiting

The Voxster

Jan 10, 2012
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Hi folks,

I have funds waiting for a good Reborn or Reborn Old.

Ideally a flame or quilt top, but anything figured will be considered. Would prefer a slimmer neck profile but not essential - please comment in your description to help me decide on suitability!

Must be in excellent shape, with original case.

I'm in the UK and so you will need to be prepared to facilitate international
Shipping if you're not in Blighty with me!

Please email pics and details to [email protected], would like to get one bought very quickly. Feel free to pass my info around to anyone you feel may have a suitable guitar they want to go to a good long term home.

Also after an early Korina Tokai V if you happen to have one!

Thanks, Bill

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