Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)


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Jun 19, 2011
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So - another week...another dumbass dealt with.

The latest - your classic Karin...wouldn’t come right out and say it...but kept hinting at a “refund”.....the weather isn’t going to be perfect, my kids aren’t feeling great - we may only be out a few hours...told her in advance - no penalty for 24 hour advance cancel...and LMK as I have someone who wants it if you don’t.

She declines the cancel - gets there and complains they are getting “shorted” an hour...because they opted to meet an hour late (her choice - not mine). Get the text 4 hours later - they are was too cold for them (it was 76 degrees with slight breeze) and getting cloudy. Said thanks - have a nice day. This morning I get a text complaining that the security deposit ran her debit card short. She acknowledged knowing up to a 1k hold may be placed - and we only run 500....So somehow that was a problem??

Glad to be done with her...learned my lesson. No refunds. If weather does suck - in general I give people who are nice a free day that’s open. But no way I wanted to see this one again.

Still don’t know if I will do it again next year. It’s a pain - but at least profitable. Paid around 21k for the boat last year...we should have it damn near paid off at end of year - all with rental income. Not a bad “investment” - in one way I think quit and enjoy the free anotherI kind of think milk it till it falls apart.


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Sep 17, 2011
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You should take video's ....they might be entertaining....

I had a guy that rented a tent...and chairs for his sons graduation. He paid early....Kid wound up not graduating .....he wanted a refund....ok no was in advance. It was on the phone, his wife comes in and get the money, signs the paperwork.....four hours later when I am closing, he shows up drunk and looking for "his refund" .....Made a scene, had to call the got ugly, he got arrested....

Since this thread started I have been having memory joggs.....which is weird....

Another very tragic story .....regarding chairs and a tent, ...the young lady graduating got hit by a train....and died the day before her party ....we had set up everything for her was an incredibly sad time and we were prepared to offer him a full refund because it tore our hearts out....but he (dad) said no..."I have to pay it"....then members of his family all tried to come in and "take care" of his bill not knowing the family already paid it....we told them to make the donation at the services....

What a horrible moment that was....

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