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Mar 1, 2014
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OP, what kind of places are you playing? Can you name a few of them?

If everyone in the band is over 60 the bar owners may just want a younger crowd, which a bunch of geezers (I'm one too) may not bring in.

Freddy G

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Mar 18, 2007
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Tip jar ain't it.... I would suggest it is the cash register most likely.... Make it ring and you make bank....

Different crowds draw different drinkers.... If a band only draws beer drinkers, might not be back...

If you attract folks the are drinking wells or calls, they are making money. How much is determined by bottle-pay ratio...

If a seat warmer drinks three calls instead of three PBRs, club has made a good bit more money on the calls...once the bottle has been paid, the rest is profit...

Folks that drink calls are also not likely to drink out of the car trunk... nor are they likely to go burn one and then just nurse one PBR all night....

If the bar has a kitchen, they also will look at how many covers were sold that night.....

Also, about the dumbest thing to do in the biz is to piss off a bartender..... Kinda obvious why one should avoid that at all costs.... Not rocket science....

In the pause for the cause jabbering, always remind folks to take care of the bartenders and waitresses as they are working very hard to take care of everyone..... THEN you can BRIEFLY mention the tip jar.... Never mention it before the bartenders/waitresses..... You could toss in a couple/few ones when you get there and hang one over the lip so it is visible.....later on thank the folks for the tips.... just don't say 'You're welcome' to yourself on stage.... ;)

YOU also should toss a buck or something in the bartender's jar when they get you anything.... I drink coffee when I work. It is free for me but I always tip the bartender.... Always....

Most excellent advice. All of it.


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Dec 2, 2014
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My favorite joint to play is a little roadhouse dive and that all we play for is tips, and they feed us and give us beer! The proprietors put tip envelopes on all the tables and shake folks down. :applause: But the beer is reasonable and patrons love the music and willingly contribute. Other places we play that pay us well and feed still have no issue with a tip can and we always put one out.

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