ThroBak KZ-115 PAF's on The Doug and Pat Show


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Sep 7, 2011
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Necro thread bump. I picked up a set of the KZ's (long A2's) and put them in my 63 reissue 335. I've had many many different pickups in that guitar and these are THE BEST that I've tried. I had a set of my Throbak 101 + in there just before putting these in but these are really a better for for this guitar. I think Jon describes the neck as "wooly" on the website. Wooly, to me, makes me think of "not well defined". To me..the neck on this set is more defined than almost any other set i've had. The bridge is a good match. Very clear. I'd like a "bit" more fatness on the bridge but that can be dialed in relatively easy. All in all...a great pickup.

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