This is the kind of shit you get when you unwittingly order something from China..


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Feb 20, 2013
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Now that you mentioned the town's namesake a few times..

Let me fill you in on what I have to endure with Skeeter hisself.

Every morning at 0600 to 0630, that crazed old bastard walks his dog and totes a little red wagon behind him. The wagon is for all the "valuable little treasures" he finds in that shithole of a desert along the way.

right in front of my gate and the neighbors' gate.

In his little red, chopped-up set of "Rocky Balboa" sweats with a red watch cap.

Drives all the fucking dogs insane because he's a fucking sketch.

Tries to stick his fingers through the fence and bother our dog..

Wakes everybody up and doesn't give a SteveC fuck about anybody but himself.

I open the door and holler at him, call him a Five-Star Asshole for what he's doing.

Why can't he just walk out into the desert from his house?

Why can't he walk the other way?

Why does he have to stop and fuck with my dog and my fence?

I'm going to start throwing rocks at him.

I wonder how he would like it if I went up to his bedroom window at 0230 and started banging pots and pans.

Clueless son of a bitch..

I'm going to steal his fucking little red shit-wagon and string it up to the light post in front of his house.

Bamboo (a 10' stretch should do it) a few feet of fishing line, foil pie plate rolled flat and smoothed out, hole diggers...

Fishing line, one end bamboo tip, other secured to pie plate... Bury the butt end out there way across the wash.... Flash like hell in the morning sun with any wind.... That should keep Skeeter occupied staring at 'the shiny thang out there'... He probably ain't gonna walk that far to investigate...but it's a shiny thing for him to worry about every day... You might mention odd critter disappearances too....


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