This is sad...


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Apr 10, 2017
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Also, I have been very dissapointed to turn a guitar over and find the back grain running at an angle instead of parallel to the nect grain.

I haven't seen much of that with Gibson but with PRS core models I have. It kind of depends on the wood. PRS was using a really nice ribbon mahogany in 2017 when I bought my 594 and I'd see super nice Artist Package, Wood Library, and even a few PS models that were perfect in every regard except for that.

It's natural wood so close is good enough but these weren't. Some of them were almost 90 degrees off and it just looks stupid considering all the effort they put into making them look perfect. You're right tho, when they're pushing perfection as a selling point for a $5k+ guitar, it's not a good look :)

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