Thinking Of Buying A Pedal Board

Canadian Charlie

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Jun 23, 2008
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Well I might be getting some money from the wife for Christmas this year and I'd like to buy a pedal board for my effects. I'm got my eye out for the Boss one that holds 6 pedals and have a power supply with it. But I think its too small and will not hold all my effects i have now and the one on my Want List.

So far I have a Boss Noise Gate
Boss Heavy Metal
Boss Chorus
DigiTech Flanger
Behringer Overdrive

Thats five pedals and it holds 6. I have my heart on a phaser, tuner, octaver and maybe something else.

I'd like something with a power supply as I hate to buy batteries.

Whats a good pedal board for someone with my needs that lives in Europe?




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Dec 4, 2008
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You should check out the Furman SPB series, they come with a built in power supply and hold 8-10 pedals, I dont know if you can find it in Europe thou.

However I would strongly recommend to find someone in your country who makes custom cases and ask him to build your PB, that's what I did and its way better, you can always power the pedals with a power supply like a Fuel Tank, Pedal Power, DC Brick or even a Power All daisy chain.



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Sep 2, 2007
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I personally won't recommend getting the Boss pedal board. It restricts your ability to expand the board when the time comes. I'd suggest getting something from PedalTrain instead. More room to expand, more room to experiment with pedals and no more constraint to just Boss sized effects.

About Pedaltrain

For power supplies, I myself would suggest getting either the DC Brick, TRex Fuel Tank or the Voodoo Labs PP2+... reliable units from very reputable companies. Other cheaper alternatives would be the 1-Spot or the Godlyke Powerall adapters that can enable you to daisy chain multiple effects to one adapter.

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