They Got It Wrong...


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Oct 1, 2010
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Great Find ,,,, LOL!!!

It's much worse then Awful .... Looks like a USA builder got a promotion to ther CS and did this guitar , the day after payday ....:facepalm:
I think the 9K price has about 6K worth of New Marketing write up to it....
Quoted from the ad ,
" For over 20 years Gibson Custom has been carrying on their legacy of American craftsmanship and human ingenuity. They firmly believe that there remains a place in the world for the best of the best, and the value of their achievement extends well beyond the glossy sheen and gratifying weight of a well crafted Les Paul guitar.

Gibson Custom takes pride in knowing they bring the most discerning players and collectors in the world some of the most refined Historic Reissue, Archtop and Custom guitars available today. Their achievements reflect decades of a passionate commitment to their position as the World’s Finest Guitar Maker." :wow:

Really now ,,, I don't think it shows THAT with this guitar ..... Was it a CC (IIRC) #10 that was never sold and repurposed ???? Boss said: "Just add some green to it,Age it and send it on out "... And this is what was done ?
Geez ,, this is the new owners work ???? QC ??? Isle # 7 ,, QC clean up in Ilse # 7 STAT .....

I'm even more glad I'm not buying anything now after seeing this "Special Job" :cheers: