The Politics Rule

Bobby Mahogany

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Feb 25, 2012
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No sex talk? Sounds like a boring relationship to me!

All righty then!

How's the wife?


P.S.: He wrote that in the 50's if I'm not mistaken...

P.S. 2: The wife of one of my friends keeps making sexual references/jokes
even if our kids (9 and 12) are around, which pisses me off totally.
I have told her so but she doesn't want to be wrong so she acts as if she's right to do that.
At one kid birthday she mentioned a blow-job while talking to her husband and friends
as an 8 year old girl was passing by.
The girl asked "what is a blowjob?" I quickly said something about fixing the blower
of the furnace. She went away with no other question. I was furious.
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I would rather be playing guitar.
Jul 1, 2013
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The only result of a political discussion is a bunch of angry people. That's what I always say when people bring up politics or ask me why I don't want to discuss it. I don't hate myself enough to enter into a conversation topic that I know will 100% end up with everybody being angry. In a band situation when people are angry it hurts creativity, so I would use that angle.


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