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Dec 3, 2008
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Hey all! Not sure if there's one of these up already, but I figured this would be a great place to post a list of PAFs (replicas as well) that members here have tried - as well as their opinions on said PAFs. The pickup world is growing increasingly big with more and more winders coming up with new designs and what not, it'd be a shame if a great pickup was missed out by the majority because of lack of exposure. This thread will therefore aim to help some winders gain some publicity as well as be as informative as it can be in helping all of us.. CHASE TONE.

Those looking for new pickups can come here for a list of well-acclaimed winders to give them a starting point for their search. Even amongst the very best PAF winders they each have such a unique signature/sound to them that it quickly becomes extremely difficult to narrow down choices. User reviews will hopefully help to push out some information on these pickups in general! Attributes such as brightness/output/clarity/warmth/saturation/thin/thick.. and what have nots will at least give users an idea of what the pickup sounds like so they can choose the best set of PAFs for their guitar.

I've decided to limit these to PAFs atm as I feel (hopefully accurately so) that the majority of us here are chasing the holy grail of vintage accurate LP tones.. but higher output pickups and even single coils can eventually be added if this works out well.

I myself play an R9 loaded with an Electric City RD-59 Hybrid set and they are for what it's worth - a spectacular sounding set of pickups. The neck is thick and the bridge while bright never gets too harsh. Overall i'd say that the neck pickup is more towards the warm side (i'd prefer slightly more clarity/brightness to it) while the bridge is pretty perfect for what I look for in a bridge pup - pure stinging leads and also crunchy for rhythm - never too bright but also not a wall of mud.

Soundclips from users would GREATLY help to disseminate this information better - so any of those would be greatly appreciated.

My following post will include a list of all the known PAF replica manufacturers (which everyone can add on to please)!

I hope this post helps those who have questions about pickups - or are slightly confused about what to put in their cherished guitars. For each review please state your amp/rig/setup/axe so as to give a clearer picture to all of us.

Thanks and cheers guys. Rock on :cool:

What PAF sound are you looking for? there are so many and any given boutique builder wounds a PAF kind of sound.... too many choices too many great sounding pickups out there...

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