The PA System BS Thread (Band Drama HERE)


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May 25, 2010
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I'll admit I'm a band whore. Always have been. But I guess for me it's coming down to booking and playing shows and members in the band not giving a sh!t about how the band me, that's sort of a slap in the face. If you're not going to do something as best as you can (or offer up your best), then what's the damned point, you know?

Guess it depends on what the band's mission is. Sometimes you get in with a band that says they want to be more than just a jam/ fun band, but some of the players just dont have the drive to go for it.

Bands, as well as other things, always end up being about compromise and being able to work together, with a set goal in mind. Not meeting these things ends up making the whole thing fall apart.

I know in my end, I have invested a lot of money and time to my gear and sound, but it does get frustrating when you play with others who's gear is just not up to par to play on the more serious end.

In that sense, I feel your pain.

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