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Dec 6, 2011
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Up for sale: 2000's Momose MTL2-STD/M


More pics

Excellent black guard tele from Japans finest luthiers. This has been a part of my core collection for years. Easily one of the best teles I've ever played. Excellent condition and plays and sounds amazing. Very resonant and rings for days. Standard weight. I believe it has the earlier YUTA pickups that are stellar. More bottom and mids in the bridge pickup without lossing clarity and bite. Perfect for blues and rock. Very comfy medium to fat soft v. All original except for a new Gotoh bridge with individual brass saddles (GTC201) and Gotoh locking tuners (original tuners are included). Also included is the original now hard to get Momose tweed hardcase in good condition (save 120 euro if you don't need the hardcase).

1500 euro securely packed and shipped to your doorstep in EU. Anywhere else just ask :)

Still for sale. Will let it go for 1400 euro


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Jan 9, 2009
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Tokai is SOLD.Selling a Tokai 2005 ES 120 flame maple top and back and a Greco GAS 130 ES 2003. Both totally original with no fret wear. Tokai is excellent, as in no marks at all, Greco has dings behind the fifth fret that are not noticable when playing. Only selling because one of my kids has medical and car bills. Feels guilty to keep too many guitars when the $ could help him. Greco, $1025 PP'd $100 shipping, Tokai $1325, PP'd $100 shipping. Both go on reverb/Ebay in the next day or two. Each has a pristine hard shell case and papers. I'll answer any questions. Thanks.
Tokai is sold. Greco is now $925 + shipping.
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Jan 23, 2011
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Selling my LS80, enormous cat not included.
It's a 1979 medium weight 8.8lb Tokai Les Paul Reborn. It's had a couple of headstock breaks, but is totally secure and stable if a bit.... charming.
  • Pickups are a Duncan Seth Lover in the neck and a 59B in the bridge wired out of phase for greeny tones.
  • Faber bridge and tailpiece.
  • Emerson wiring harness.
  • GuitarSlinger aged jackplate
  • Replaced Kluson style tuners
  • Original TP, Bridge, Jackplate included.
  • Period S stamp Tokai pickups included (+springs/screws)
  • Period Tokai Hardcase
$1450 shipped to USA PP F&F.
1150 shipped


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Apr 24, 2010
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Tokai HLS-BZF. The HLS-BZF seems to be a very special run for a shop...
Very rare, only 6 pieces have been made. It has all the features you want in a unique high-end single cuz. Same specs as the current HLS Max for about 500.000 yen new.

-correct neck angle
-Nitro laquer
-hide glue
-Brazilian rosewood fingerboard
-59 full neck profile
-fret edge binding.
-Honduran mahogany body- 1 piece
-hand carved solid flame maple top

Here is the link (archive) to the original page

Unfortunately the previous owner of the guitar didn't mention some cosmetic issues when I bought it...
-Comes with Tonepros Tuning machines
So holes for tuning machines have been drilled 10mm half way from the back of headstock. Original Kluson style (9mm) will work, too- tried it. They sit in the holes and there is no problem with tuning, but thy dont sit overly tight in the holes, as it has been drilled half way from the back.. So you can leave in the Tonepros or always drill it 10 mm all trough for Klusons with conversion bushings or use some Grovers...
-There is a cosmetic issue with some of the dots on the sides. It seems that some of them have been replaced with slighly larger ones. . I am not sure what happened. It is not too obvious from some distance. Can send pics of course.
-Looks like the tone pots have been replaced. Comes with 300 kohm tone pots .The volume pots seem to be original. The caps are bumblebees, which isn't a bad thing. But I doubt they're original. Soldering is not very professional.

The guitar is in good condition. It has some marks on the back, but the front is in very good condition. The frets are also in very good condition.
The pictures are with reflector knobs from the 60s, but the originals are included.

So you can see that there are some cosmetic issues and that it may need some adjustments and care , but it's still a great guitar that has all the high-end features of the historic LPs and top specs.

The weight is 4,1 KG

It comes with original case and the price is without pickups.
For 120 Euro (100 GBP) + I can add some Tokai MKII Pafs (not installed)

I am willing to make a loss for the cosmetic points mentioned. The price reflects this and there is no real room for offers as I paid a lot more for it.
Reason for selling is that the neck is too fat for me and I am mainly a Strat and Tele player.

Guitar is located in Germany.
Only EU sale for the brazilian fretboard.

1600 Euro incl. shipping in all Europe.

More pics availiable

View attachment 463356

WHATEVER HAPPENED WITH THIS PIECE? Still with Lumi71 - or with someone else on MLP now???


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Jun 9, 2009
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Fs or trade:

ESP Ltd ec 1000 T (also known as 1001T).
I changed the pickups to white emgs, and replaced the gold hardwear with nickel. The neck pickup is a single coil in a humbuckers case. The bridge is an 85.
Comes with a gig bag.
Will include the original gold parts (the black emgs are gone)

Looking for a specific guitar for trade. If you have:
Gold top Les Paul
Gold top single cut
With nitro finish?
Or Japanese Les Paul (preferably an Edwards)

If you have Sony camera gear, I maybe interested in that too? Maybe a 35mm f1.4 or 50mm f1.2, or sigma 105mm f1.4?

Let me know
Price: $1800 cad
Location: Toronto, Canada

still around. Had a trade deal, but it fell through.


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Jan 23, 2011
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Still available 1979 LS80. Deep regret price of $1150 shipped with about $500 of additional parts not including the period correct case I paid a lot for.


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Aug 21, 2015
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I've been a little too liberal with my purchasing form Japan this year, so it's time to let a few pieces go. All are prime examples of quality Japanese craftsmanship. All prices include shipping in the US and are net to me (buyer covers payment fees, if any).

SOLD - 1981 Tokai ES-150R $3,900 - One of the rarest examples of the vintage MIJ 335s from the golden age (1979 - 1983). This model was only made in 1981, and the blonde finish is the rarest of them all. Pickups have been upgraded (originals included) and a new nut professionally installed.

More pics and info here - Tokai ES-150


2013 Crews LED-1959 $3,200 Price drop to $3,000 (buyer pays payment fees, if any) - In my opinion, the Crews LED models are among the best of the best. Handmade using the highest quality materials only when available. This one has been listed before, but I'm dropping the price by $500.

More info and pics here - Crews LED-1959


SOLD - 2005 Greco Zemaitis GZ-3500 - $2,200 - Among the first generation of MIJ Zemaitis licensed guitars after Tony Z passed away. A clean example of an iconic guitar.

More pics and info here - Greco Zemaitis


Pending - 2009 Tokai SG-190 - $1,300 - High end Tokai SG in white with a Maestro.

More pics and info here - Tokai SG


SOLD - 2013 Edwards ALS135/RE - $1,050 - If you want a high quality, budget priced single cut, this is the one. All lacquer finish with Duncan Antiquity pickups.

More pics and info here - Edwards ALS

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Dec 29, 2009
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1981 Tokai ES-150R $3,900 - One of the rarest examples of the vintage MIJ 335s from the golden age (1979 - 1983). This model was only made in 1981, and the blonde finish is the rarest of them all. Pickups have been upgraded (originals included) and a new nut professionally installed.

More pics and info here - Tokai ES-150

That makes me want to look into refinishing my ES100. But it would be stupid to refinish a vintage guitar that is still original. Always liked plain or red 335s more than the sunburst ones for some reason.


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Dec 29, 2009
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You gunna keep it? Then refinish it and make it yours :cool:
I already sort of did a top refin on a Greco custom that was already stripped. It was tons of work and I don't want to work with nitro again if at all possible. I can't imagine refinishing an entire guitar. I know Udo did quite a few in the past but not sure if he still does that kind of work. It's not like sunburst is bad. Besides, I want to build a Blackvibe amp and finish another 8 pedals or so. Too many projects on hold already.

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