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Nov 13, 2009
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Swampy, if that was made for me, you'd be selling it for $40! lol...

It is a beautiful guitar though.


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Jun 10, 2009
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The "Likes" are down due to the upgrade Swampy.

Nice looking strat!


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May 9, 2013
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another gret strat. need to sell a bit, due of buying a house...
my loss is your gain.
1250 Euro + shipping
Van Zandt STV70 R. 69 model with big headstock and 4 points screw
2-piece alder body, maple neck with madagascar round laminated rosewoodbard. 7.5 radius and vintage frets.
Really thin Nitro finish as far as in I see a custom colour.
Van zandt vintage plus pickups. Steel perch trem. Very comfortable neck
1. fret 21.1 mm
5.fret 22.5 mm

built and sound quality at the highest level!
The guitar is used, but in good state.

Comes with original papers and non original hardcase.

PG and trem-cover not original

A video of the previous owner: v=wjx3SprMLwE

1500 Euro (or equivalent) + shipping

Shipping overseas is no problem



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May 9, 2013
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Orville by Gibson Custom 1989. A few dents, scratches, etc, but no breaks, damages. May need a setup. frets re in good shape
850 Euro + shipping



Let the good times roll....
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Apr 2, 2010
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Some crazy prices there, particularly for the Momose. GLWS!


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Oct 12, 2014
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I've got way too many guitars, so I'm doing a sell off.

1983 Tokai LS Gold Top. I'm not sure what model it is, but it has a two piece top, a one piece light back, and it weighs 8lbs. It's just a killer guitar in great shape. I put an aluminium Gotoh stop piece on it, rewired it 50's style with 500k pots & PIO caps and put a pair of Manlius pups in it. It has a hard case, but not the original. $1,400tyd

1981 Tokai LS-50. I set it up like the "Black Burst" and it looks pretty awesome. Upgraded to 50's wiring, 500k pots & PIO caps with Electric City 59 pickups. It has an aluminum Gotoh stop piece as well. It's in really great condition. It comes with a hard case but not the original. $1,050tyd

2008 Heritage H-150. I got this one from Swamp Blues a few years back. Thick 59 neck and the prettiest tiger flame you will ever come across. It is 50's wired with bumble bee caps and a Burstbucker 1&2 set. It's a killer guitar. $1,500tyd

2014 Tokai LS-160. This is a great looking plain top. It's the same specs as the currency LS-173. I upgraded it to 50's wiring with PIO caps along with a set of DiMarzio 36th Anni pups. $1,050tyd

Bump, throw me some offers. These are sweet guitars.


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Mar 1, 2011
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2013 Fender Japan 54 Reissue Limited Edition. This Beauty is Near Mint with no dings or marks anywhere. Only selling her because I need a bigger neck and am not gonna mess up a great guitar by changing the neck. All original except new pick guard that added a better look for a 54. Low action with sweet neck and no buzzing anywhere. Any marks on her in pic's are glare. Comes with Brand New Fender Pro Tweed Hardshell case.
Fender Spec's on her:
An impressive '54 Strat reissue
To some guitar players, the '54 Strat is the quintessential Stratocaster®. It delivers the punch, clarity, and spank that Strats are known for. Fender's 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster delivers all that Strat goodness in a single package. You can be assured that this Japanese-made guitar will feel and act like a vintage Strat®. Japanese reissue guitars are widely loved and sought-after by players. The Fender 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster features a gorgeous ash body that sounds a good as it looks.

True vintage vibe from the vintage-styled neck
The Fender 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster's neck screams vintage from beginning to end. Players will love the comfortable V shape of this 1-piece maple neck and fingerboard. The vintage-sized frets and 7.25" fingerboard radius makes playing up and down the neck a breeze and bending notes an effortless task. If you want vintage feel at an affordable price, then the Fender 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster is for you.

Vintage-style tremolo for classic feel
While there's no denying the fact that Leo Fender's guitar designs were an amazing blend of art and engineering, it was the erroneously named synchronized tremolo (it's actually a vibrato) that may well have been his most inspired bit of engineering. With it, you could bend notes or even entire chords up or down without throwing the guitar out of tune. Even though Fender has continued to improve upon the tremolo, many players simply prefer the look and feel of the original. The Fender 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster comes with a 6-screw vintage-style tremolo for that classic feel and vibe.

Fender 2013 Limited Edition '54 Stratocaster Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
Limited-edition '54 Stratocaster reissue
Made in Japan
Gorgeous ash body with 2-tone sunburst finish
1-piece maple neck and fretboard with vintage-size frets
V neck shape
Custom alnico single-coil pickups
Vintage-style tuners with slotted pegs
Asking $ pp gift Shipped CUSA only here Also will ship to Canada you pay actual shipping

Lets make it $650


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Jan 23, 2011
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1975 Greco EG 800, Ebony board, MOP, original hardware/electronics apart from two tuners. Truss rod 100% functional, excellent low action, great pickups. $650.



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Mar 1, 2010
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1990 Burny RSA-100...UGH, THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.

I recently did some trading with my producer, and he got my 1990 Burny RSA-100 (which I bought from fellow members 3PupLC). I did that thinking if he wanted to get rid of it, I'd just buy it right back from him. Well, he hit me up last week asking if I wanted to buy it back. I very much do, bands have two tours coming up, and I do not have the cash.

He listed it on Reverb for 1400+shipping. I told him to let me list it here for him, as it was bought from this community, and I very much would love to see it go back to this community. And for that...special community price: 1300.00.

It comes with a plush-lined hardshell case, on which I spray painted a Burny logo (see the thread).

The guitar itself is amazing. It kind of speaks for itself. It's beautiful. It's in VG+++ (nearly excellent? is it excellent, actually?) condition with only one issue (more of a non-issue) that I know of: one of the pickup rings WAS loose because one of the screw-holes in the body beneath the pickup ring had gotten a little too wide, so the screw was not catching. As a temp fix, I put a SLIGHTLY larger screw into the pickup ring, but did not force it to screw in flush against the pickup ring, as I wanted to leave options for a permanent fix. I only screwed it in just enough for the new screw to catch and hold. This is an easy permanent fix: You could simply just give the new screw I put in there a few more turns, or you any number of things.

To give you an idea of how much a non-issue this is, I just texted him about it, and he had no idea what I was even talking about.

The sound on this guitar is utterly utterly amazing, and it's a delight to play. I recorded a full album with it, and it was perfect. That music was very lush, very dreamy. However, that project was a one-off, and my metal/heavy bands are keeping me extremely busy these days, so I was not using it, and I can't justify (at this point) owning guitars that I don't use. So that's why I had traded it to him.

1300 USD, including hard shell case. That is exactly what I paid. This is a golden era, and one of the finest examples of the model. Please don't let it be sold to a stranger on Reverb. KEEP IT IN THE MLP COMMUNITY!

PM me to coordinate sale/ask questions, and I'll connect you with its seller/owner, Dean. The guitar is in New Hampshire.

Sorry for the long post. Here are some pics...




the passenger

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Mar 24, 2010
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FOR SALE: Tokai Premium Custom Shop one-off custom-order

Because of some very unfortunate financial events, I don’t have any other choice but to let my baby go. The buyer has got to be prepared that I might be trying to get her back sometime in the future.
I ordered this handmade Premium Tokai from the local distributor by my requested specifications not long ago. I’ve been searching for the golden tone for years-and-years and I put all of my knowledge into this one when I discussed my ideas with the dealer. It’s basically an 1958 Burst Replica made by the masters of the Tokai Custom Shop.
It includes: a lightweight but fully solid Genuine Honduran mahogany 1-piece back, Honduran mahogany quarter-sawn neck (with some flames!), dark premium-selected Indian rosewood fretboard, solid bookmatched eastern maple plaintop, long neck tenon, Nitro finish, alumium tailpiece, wireless Abr-1 bridge with brass saddles, 500k CTS pots with Orange drop caps, authentic 59-style neck profile, vintage-style celluloid inlays, PAF-Vintage MKII pickups with Alnico V magnets. The weight is an incredible 3,79 kg / 8.3 lbs.
I chosed the plain top because I wanted the hardest maple and didn’t want the risk of getting a western flamed top and thus compromising the authentic Burst tone. For me simply the best possible tone was the goal before the aesthetics (even though this top has a very nice natural figuring).
The idea was to produce a guitar with the best and most vintage-correct materials that are available today. This Indian rosewood is the best available type: it’s almost black, it’s smooth and oily like old Braz and not the usual dry and greyish Indian variety. And the mahogany on this one is the real deal.
Previously I’ve had everything from Histerics to vintage and in my subjective opinion, this is the cream of all.

Full photo gallery:

Price is 1990 EUR + shipping with professional packing. Needless to say, I paid a much higher figure for the instrument originally but sadly I need the dough badly.




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