The Mentors(You Axed for It)vs Meatloaf(Bat Out of Hell)

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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It is LOVE vs LUST. The EVIL Mentors vs The MEAT.I saw the Mentors in '89 and it was one of the greatest drunken nights of my life. They SUCK so good!I grew up listening to Bat out of Hell on vinyl. Let the battle begin. This will be STICKY:wow:

1.Sandwich of Love vs Bat out of Hell- It's the sandwich of love>A messy gooey meal. Mentors storm out of the gate!
2.Shocked and Grossed vs You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth- First round KO. YTTWROOMM is a great love song. Meat at his sensual finest!:cool:
3.Four F Club vs Heaven Can Wait- Find her,Feel her,F!#@ her + Forget her. Great catchy sleaze metal. Take a powder Mr. Loaf!:D
4.Herpes Two vs All Revved Up and No Place to Go- All Revved flat out rocks. Great guitar and drums and that fat singer aint bad either. Meat rolls. Herpes is a nice little ditty. Cold sores are no joke!
5.Judgement Day vs Two Out of Three Ain't Bad- TOOTAB Kills. I want You.I need you >You don't have herpes do you?:laugh2:Meat is so tender and good!
6.Sleep Bandits vs Paradise By the Dash-Board Light- Upset time. Sleep Bandits shocks the world!Girls never fall asleep when scum-rockers are lurking about. You might wake up covered in cheese!PBDL is Ok. It gets old quickly.
7.Free Fix vs For Crying Out Loud-Tie- Two snoozers!

Meatloaf is out of tunes. It might be for the best. What a sick battle.

Here are the rest of the Mentors gems!
8. Golden Showers- Great song about the joys of pissy fun!
9.Clap Queen- Average ditty. Prefer Herpes Two for their VD songs!
10.My Erection is Over- Beautiful and sad song.Nothing is worse than a dead one:dude:
11.Wine you,Dine you,69 You- Greast bonus track. The Mentors are some Funny guys.

Mentors 3 Meatloaf 3 One tie

This was a battle of slop and stretch-marks. Classic Rock from 1977 vs eighties scum rock.Next up The Dwarves vs Carly Simon. I need a shower. What a gross battle:shock:

[ame=]YouTube - The Mentors - 4 - Herpes Two (You Axed For It!)[/ame]
[ame=]YouTube - meatloaf-you took the words right out of my mouth[/ame]

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