The Idiots & Non-Payers of eBay Thread: Post & Block em!


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Dec 30, 2012
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I bought an acoustic guitar on ebay recently...was only about $200 with hard case but the shipping was $65.00. The guitar arrived in its hardshell case with some strips of priority mail tape on it...just the case, not boxing or packing, and one strip of tape around it. The shipping spent was less than $7.00, and the guitar wasn't even padded inside, and one of the tuners had a screw stripped from what looked like a handling impact.

So at first, I politely asked for a shipping refund...he at first said he felt the case was enough and mentioned that there was a strap and capo included. I offered to send the strap/capo back if he wanted, but that I deserved a shipping refund since I had to replace the tuner and there was no indication of where the extra $58.00 shipping charge was spent in regards to shipping/packing.

I mentioned that I'd rather just handle it this way than leave negative feedback, etc ....he had very few which made me think he just wasn't as experienced buying/shipping guitars. He reluctantly agreed but has only refunded about $16.00 of it so far...almost a month later. Probably not worth pursuing any further, and I still didn't want to start a feedback war. But just be careful and point out that you want it shipped properly because you never know.


Jul 25, 2012
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OMG I hate doing business on Ebay. it seems everyone is in the habit of opening "not as advertised" claim and extorting you for refunds... Can't stand it..

And another problem just came up for me. I shipping a beautiful Floyd Rose Classic Strat.. It was damaged in shipping.. So, of course open a claim.. WELL.. let me tell you this.. UPS will not honor claims in most cases. The reason the get away with it is that it wasn't "packed according to their specs" So they have an out and the shipper (me) is out the money on the damage.. Total and complete bullshit.. They are quick to take the insurance money at the drop off point never to mention a problem with the packing... Then they deny the claim... Another reason to use local Craigs list ads.

They want you to have it packed by them. If not, they use that excuse 9/10. And you're right, they've never examined the packaging. If they did and said "well this isn't packed to our specs" then thats fine - then you have a choice. But they keep silent, then deny your claim. Had it happen to me too.


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Aug 26, 2009
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one of the tuners had a screw stripped from what looked like a handling impact.

I suspect that was stripped prior to shipping.
Hard for a screw to become stripped from an external impact.
However yeah...ebay's infinite wisdom to combat people who charge too much for shipping = charging commission on shipping! they make money off your shipping which has NOTHING to do with them at all.
ebay sucks donkey nuts, honestly.

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