The Garden of Oblivion


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Dec 19, 2010
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The Garden of Oblivion

Suddenly I realized
that I am like a statue
lost between the walls
of the garden of oblivion

I am immobile
I am insensible

I can only watch watch watch

with a quiet smile
carved by time
on my lips
of marble

I am immobile
I am insensible

I can't move my hands
nor my feet
nor open my mouth
to say living words
with a warm breath
and a wet tongue

I am immobile
I am insensible

If you look for me
but you don't see me
look into my eyes
that are now white wells

maybe you'll find the garden
and that statue
waiting there for you

jump naked
into that water of stone

nothing bad can happen

hug me desperately
as if you care
break the spell that has me trapped
with the hammer of your passion