The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever


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Oct 13, 2010
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I had A LOT of electric guitars early on..settled on these many years ago..they are quite different. The 355 Custom has a very narrow fast neck,,as it looks.. These and my 71 Strat generally get all the sounds I want.

Sometimes each will get it play depending on what I want..but since I busted my index..left hand...middle and thumb a few months took awhile to adapt to that super slim..narrow 355/ So 71 LPC was my therapy.. Still have trouble playing my old Dove..but my 66 J 200 Custom has a narrow neck and is also good hand therapy..
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Jan 24, 2010
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I have an ordinary figured, From 2011, Memphis. It’s a standout guitar. I play all my guitars and I like this one too. The 57’s really work in this guitar.

The 57's and the harnesses from those years were perfect.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Wow, another "my guitar is best" post. I'm glad you feel that way about your guitar, for you. The history of rock suggests otherwise for the majority of players, but every player finds their own #1. And #2. And #3...
Nope, the assumption is that LP’s are king. So, excluding LP’s, 335’s are the best Gibsons in the opinion of OP. That’s how I read the thread title.

The SG is ''the best'' non Les Paul Gibson ever ! ... :rofl:

That’s funny because that one says “Les Paul” right on it, I get it.....


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Nov 23, 2016
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For me, some of my LPs may come and go, but my 335 isn't going anywhere. It's not that I love it more, I just love it different.
Having said this and in retrospect, as mush as I love my 335, It doesn't get as much play time as my LP's. Perhaps because I have so many guitars to cover so much ground, that it's hard to divide the limited time I have to play. Or, maybe because there are so many flavors of LP's compared to 335 (ish) Gibson's. Which I suppose just goes to show that it's may be harder to create more diverse versions of the 335... type Memphis styles, compared to the versatility of the LP.

Regardless, I doubt anything will ever top how classic the Memphis Gibson's dominate their niche.

I am so glad we have such a variety to choose from, especially as our needs/taste evolve.

To each their own and all that......