The '59 in 2022 and beyond

mr. rj

May 14, 2020
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I saw a used 59 (maybe it was a tribute plus) at my local buy sell ads last year, don't remember the year of the guitar but it was an older one, so likely the Tribute. Anyhow, I remember thinking I'd like to have one of those or maybe just install gibby pups and it will be the same as that one. After recently getting the 2021 59', I've since changed my perspective of it, because it really is in a league of its own, the neck is a good representative of what it is trying to achieve. When I pick up my regular epi's the feel is simply different, therefore the experience is different. I think they will retain their allure, but only to those that have actually tried one. I agree with previous comments that the satin probably shouldn't be on that model, but I actually like it....With that said, I sill love my regular epi's.

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