Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey


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May 19, 2010
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...a technique refined by the Chinese, who have illegally dumped tons of their honey - some containing illegal antibiotics - on the U.S. market for years ... earlier investigation found U.S. groceries flooded with Indian honey banned in Europe as unsafe because of contamination with antibiotics, heavy metal and a total lack of pollen ... "In my judgment, it is pretty safe to assume that any ultra-filtered honey on store shelves is Chinese honey and it's even safer to assume that it entered the country uninspected and in violation of federal law," ... "It's no secret to anyone in the business that the only reason all the pollen is filtered out is to hide where it initially came from and the fact is that in almost all cases, that is China," ... "We are well aware of the tricks being used by some brokers to sell honey that originated in China and laundering it in a second country by filtering out the pollen and other adulterants," ... "We are well aware of the tricks being used by some brokers to sell honey that originated in China and laundering it in a second country by filtering out the pollen and other adulterants," ... "The FDA has sent a letter to industry stating that the FDA does not consider 'ultra-filtered' honey to be honey," agency press officer Tamara Ward told Food Safety News.
She went on to explain: "We have not halted any importation of honey because we have yet to detect 'ultra-filtered' honey. If we do detect 'ultra-filtered' honey we will refuse entry." ... For example, when Food Safety News was hunting the source of nine samples that came back as ultra-filtered from QFC, Fred Myer and King Sooper, the various customer service numbers all led to representatives of Kroger, which owns them all. The replies were identical: "We can't release that information. It is proprietary."

Again with the Chinese. Enough already. They steal ouir jobs, they steal our industry, they respect no laws. Why does our government treat them like a favorite relative again? At every turn, they do their damnedest to fvck everyone over. Enough already. As for some company that tells "the feds" it is proprietary, maybe some warrants are in order, to start searching and seizing. If it's good enough to do for Indian guitar parts (wood), it better be good enough for the shit we are eating. Let's tariff the hell out of their shit, or even better, not allow anything made there into the country, and start filing charges against lawbreakers who are "in bed" with them.

While I very rarely buy honey, reading this pisses me off.

hey Pres: YOU said you were going to be creating jobs. Here is apparently a BOATLOAD of jobs that should happen. If we have laws already on the books for this type of crap why not just hire people to enforce instead of spending a sh*tload of our tax dollars on another committee to investigate whether or not its viable...
I have to wonder if someone isn't getting paid, and paid big to "look the other way".

But wait a galldurn minute!!!! I thought the market would automatically make the best quality product ubiquitous, as supply and demand self-regulated the big companies who try to pass off substandard honey and non-honey! ZOMG!

Are you trying to tell me that the whole "let the market decide" theory is utter bullshit and that corporations that aren't held in check by government regulation will lie, cheat, and deceive the very customers they depend upon if it means more profit?!?! THIS CANNOT BE TRUE!!!!
Maybe the Invisible Hand Of The Masrketplace, or an Invisible Unicorn will set it right, all on its own, if we clap our hands and believe. I do believe in fairies I do I do :rolleyes:


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Aug 17, 2010
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That's normals for most American foods.
Hershey's sure ain't chocolate.
Hellman's sure ain't mayonnaise.
etc etc

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