Tele String Trees and Tuners Experiences from Builders and Modders?


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Apr 11, 2014
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Nice job on those trees!

Careful on those fast necks... You might slip and fall. :shock::laugh2:

Glad you got to the bottom of the tuning problem. So many times it's like chasing a ghost! A Trem Ghost! :shock:

Geez... sorry to have dropped this thread for so long. Here's a pic of the bone string trees I made for my McNaught G4. They've been on for a few years and the bone pieces no longer match in color... I'll have to redo one. The funny nut is a bone replacement I made for the Earvana I had installed at one point. The Earvana worked well but looked like hell, so I traced it on bone and smoothed out the contours. This guitar has the fastest neck I have ever played but gave me nightmares with a failure to return to pitch when the trem was used. I tried every string tree, nut trick, etc., and every trem trick as well. (There was no flaw in Dave's fantastic build!!!) The cure: Blade Runner trem by Super-Vee. Those units are flawless!

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