Taylor Guitars and Buck Knives - how long till G tries this crap


I'll have a sammich!
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Oct 19, 2011
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Nice stable of autos!
I have many more. It's a problem....

I'm on a Kershaw kick right now and have a growing collection of OTF knives too.

Of all the autos I have, Bucks are my favorite. :)

Michael Matyas

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Oct 24, 2020
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Just wait, you ain't seen nothin' yet. I can see it now, the Limited Edition Slash or Joe Bonamassa signature knife with handles made from the same billet as their personal guitars. A real steal at only $1500.00!


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Apr 22, 2017
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Wood is probably the most renewable resource on the planet. :dunno:
interesting topic.

Ebony,not so plantation, what i found:

"It takes an ebony tree between 60 and 200 years to mature into a harvest-able commodity. Ebony trees reach a maximum height of about 30 feet with a diameter of about one foot."

For comparison,look at what Fiji has done with our beloved mahogany for our Les Pauls ,a plantation success story.

"Most experts consider the growth time required for plantation mahogany to mature, under very careful management, within 30 to 40 years."

But no matter where you go,everyone wants more $ for product.So Fiji is opening up their mahogany to asian markets , as we speak. Fiji is almost done independently certifying their stocks and management so that mahogany will be marketed worldwide, what i read recently.

“As soon as we do that, what will happen is that our product for Fiji local mahogany branding will be in the overseas market – at the high end. So, with that done, we would be able to secure market in Asia, Pacific and everywhere.”

*Fiji currently sells mahogany to markets in New Zealand, Australia, and the US.* (only)

Asia,Pacific,everywhere. "At the High end"...That is where the only manageable Mahogany forest on the planet is going.To bigger market. For much bigger profit.Will regulation work to preserve stocks? It has so far, if there is enough money involved for product(seems so).And enforcement *. Going to mean more expensive Les paul bodies and necks...The markets will decide the price.It won't go down,i'll wager.:hmm:.20,000 dollar Les Paul's with the classic woods.

after Buck Knives runs out,they will be looking for substitutes,but,for the time being,Taylor is reducing waste.A fleeting point in time...passes quickly.
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Apr 7, 2011
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I like Delrin.
Not wood at all.
’Course, manufacturing it prolly burns a hole in the stratosphere you could drive a shuttle craft through but hey, as long as we all drive electric cars to the store to buy our 300 series Buck “Sonar Signature” stockman patterns, it’ll double our life expectancies on Mars.

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