Taylor 114ce. Dare I say the best Taylor made?


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Aug 13, 2008
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Been eyeing up a Taylor for a number of years now. Spent some time over the last year waiting for the right opportunity and I finally pulled the trigger an used 2010 114ce I managed to pickup for 850 Canadian rubles. I am more than impressed. Before settling on this I must of tried 12 other guitars including the Taylor X14ce line and some guitars from Riversong and none of them sparkled and felt as good to play as the 114ce. This confuses the hell out of me as with most of my really nice guitars you can really tell the difference between them and their lower end counterparts. The 614 is almost 4x the price but why is it this 114ce with laminated sides and back just sounds so much better?! Not being a huge fan of the newer maple neck model I decided to search out an older one with the mahogany neck and sapele sides and I am glad I did. I love the way the satin finish on the deep pore neck feels to play.



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May 11, 2012
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It wouldn't surprise me - I only have two Taylors but both are superb in sound and workmanship so you may have a real keeper there. I use a 414ce regularly in gigging when doing acoustic rhythm songs and run direct into the board, and even with the older Expression 1 system I can dial in just about any acoustic sound I want - I've even run it through a pedal and used OD/distortion to save taking another guitar and it's worked great. even though a lot of people never saw someone do that before.

About the biggest compliment I've received is last time I was in the studio - the engineer was setting up mics for everyone and when he got to me he said "Oh, you've got a Taylor - you can just run direct". He later said that most every acoustic brand he records he has to mic and dial in the sound, but Taylors tend to be able to set up a good recording sound on their own.

If you love the guitar and love the sound then that's all that matters! Just keep an eye on that battery light because when it dies you're dead in the water :)

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