Taylor 110ce vs Simon & Patrick Songsmith folk


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Jan 24, 2012
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Hi guys! I just want some input on Taylor 110ce vs Simon & Patrick Songsmith folk.

I originally started with an interest with taylor baby and then didn't really like the sound of the small body same with parlour style shapes. However I am looking for a smaller sized guitar. Size 000. So I think S&P songsmith folk would be perfect. loved the feel and the sound of it. But I couldn't find one used and with everything its gonna run me close to 450.

However, I also just found a used taylor for around that price. 420-450. So now I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I used to own the Taylor 110ce while back. I remember getting some excellent recordings out of it just plugged in. Don't remember the reason why I got rid of it. Might have been to help fund for a car.

1. Is the Taylor 110ce a lot bigger then Size 000?

What is ur suggestion?

Both guitars seem to have similar spec. laminated back n sides and solid top. If the taylor was mahogany i'd take it over a heartbeat but its not lol. Help ASAP would be great! incase the taylor gets sold T_T

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