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Oct 9, 2008
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A woman goes into a tattoo parlor and tells the artist that she wants a tattoo of Elvis on her inner left thigh. She pulls up her dress and the guy goes to work. After he gets done, she inspects it and says "This looks nothing like Elvis. Do it over on the other inner thigh" The artist obliges and puts another tatto of Elvis on her other inner thigh. He gets done and she looks and says it doesn't look like Elvis either. She says she is not going to pay.

Wanting to clear some money for the night, the artist makes a deal with her that if the first person off the street can identify who the tattoo is of, then she will pay for them. The first person happening by is an old drunk. The artist calls him in and tells him to identify who the tattoos are of. The woman spreads hers legs and the drunk takes a good long look. After a couple of minutes the artist ask him if he knew who they were. The drunk responded, "I'm not sure who those 2 other fellows are, but the one in the middle is definately Willie Nelson."

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