Suhr SSV+, SSH+, and Bare Knuckle True Grit bridge humbuckers


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Dec 8, 2009
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I have two Suhr guitars and just didn't want the same bridge pickup in both, so I've been swapping a lot of bridge pickups to get to exactly what I wanted. I ended up sticking with the SSH and am selling the Suhr SSV+, Bare Knuckle True Grit, and SSH+ that I also had in there. Since the Suhr Modern is a direct mount guitar, the mounting holes for these pickups were drilled out for direct mount (1/8"). Full lead length minus maybe an inch or two.

Excellent condition Suhr SSV+ humbucker, black, 4-conductor, 53mm bridge (F-spacing). This is definitely more of a hot Alnico 5 PAF, not high output or compressed at all. It's very open and pretty tight with the Alnico 5 pickup. Fantastic cleans, this was one of my favorites of the pickups that I tried in the guitar. I think of it as similar to an improved Burstbucker Pro. I found this to be a very bright pickup, all of the extra output is in the upper mids and highs and I wanted more low end in this guitar. Only installed for about a month.

$85 shipped/Paypal'd CONUS. Would prefer Friends and Family with the new IRS reporting rules, but regular PayPal is fine too, just add $3.

True Grit is SOLD.

Both pickups come with boxes, etc. Pics later, thanks!
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