String Joy?


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Apr 27, 2020
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Anyone here use String Joy strings? I thought they were all hype, but I tried a set.. I stung up my 98 Strat, and the moment I hit a chord or two, I was absolutely slapped in the face by the tone, without the guitar being plugged in.

Plugged in they are just wicked good. They are loud and bright before plugging in and when you hit it with the amp, they are awesome. Don't know if they're hand made by Unicorns on Mount Everest, but they blew me instantly shocked the heck out of my.

Down Side, they're expensive and not available locally(here anyway). I have to order them. Upside, they are hand made, and you can order them in any gauge(s) you wan't. Say you want a 9.5 gauge all the way up in odd gauge's you wan't they'll make them for you. Disclaimer, I don't know anyone who works at or with them, and don't get "free stuff" for recommending them. They (strings) just blew me away the first time I stung up a guitar with them. Would love to hear other's evaluation of them. Thanks.


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