Strange LP Wiring Issue

May 7, 2013
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Hi Guys,

Got a weird problem I haven't come across before. Standard LP with 50's wiring, CTS Pots, Switchcraft Jack/Toggle all the good stuff. Guitar has been fine, neck, bridge, both no issues. Then 2 nights ago the neck pickup "died". No sound when neck pickup or middle position selected. In middle position everything dies but when I dial back the neck volume to 8 - both pickups kick in as normal. I've tested both pickups which are reading at normal levels. No cold solder joints. Wiring is spot on to 50's diagram.
Could this be a faulty neck volume pot? I'd love to get some suggestions before I scrap the whole harness and start again. Repeating - it was working fine for months then out of the blue this problem appeared. On the first night it happened, I flicked the toggle a few times and it came good. Last night same problem - flicked the toggle a few times- still no good. Maybe a faulty Switchcraft toggle?
Would really appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

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