Stock Epi vs GFS Blind Test


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Sep 2, 2014
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Scroll to the bottom for the sound clips.

So I ordered GFS pickups. My first pickup change ever. I decided to compare my old pickups to the GFS as scientifically as possible to really see what I was getting. New pickups are GFS Fat Pat and Mean 90.
Setup was an Epi Les Paul, DI into a Saffire 6, into a few different amp sims (to preserve repeatability, no fiddling with mics or sympathetic amp vibrations causing more/less harmonics or sustain).

The order of the clips goes
Bridge pickup chords; Bridge pickup open chords;
Bridge + Neck post-punk/metal tone;
Neck with tone at 0, volume about half

I changed the pickups with the strings still on (yes really), I used the same green dunlop tortex pick throughout, struck the string over the screws of the neck pickup, which was flipped upside-down. I retuned between takes.
Pickup Height was roughly the same, being about level with the pickup covers and the screws being heightened, about one half turn on the bass side, to about a full turn and a half or so on the treble side.
My vol on the neck was about 7; tone on the neck was 0
Vol on bridge about 5; tone at 7
Knobs were not moved between pickups, in fact the knobs were off so all that was exposed were the shafts.

So same pick, same strings, same pick strike, same amp settings, same knob settings, and for the most part, same pickup height.

Take a listen, again the order is
Some of the clips are stock Epi, some are of GFS, I won't tell which for a while. Let's see what you guys think.
Link is to uncompressed WAV audio. - before after pup comparison.wav

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