Stamps inside an L-48. FON?


Jan 12, 2011
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Hi, I recently purchased what I believe to be a 1966/1969 Gibson L-48. The back of the headstock is stamped impressed 81251:). No Made in USA. According to the bluebook, this puts her at 1966/1969.

Inside are two sets of ink-stamped numbers. The first is under the lower f-hole, and has the number 11009. The second is way up by where the neck meets the body and is stamped 48507. There are no spaces between the sequences of numbers, e.g., 485 07, etc.

She has an Indian rosewood fretboard, no binding on the board, dot inlays. Bound front and back on what appears to be a heritage cherry teardrop finish, brown on sides and back. The top and back are one piece, albeit apparently laminated at least on top. Back appears to be maple. Gold decal logo with the I dot joined to the big G, and an open O, just like on my 73-75 J-50 Deluxe, and the headstock doesn't have a veneer, just natural like my J-50.

Thoughts on the stamps inside the body? Nothing I found about factory order numbers matches these sequences/years. Thanks in advance.

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