SRV tone


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Jan 8, 2008
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get an old TS9 tubscreamer....the new ones are too bright....look at the mods and boutique pedal....the classic should be fine...I would go for 30watts myself....

IMHO start from there (SRV) and really just work on finding your own tone and voice

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Apr 16, 2008
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I run a Robert Cray artist series Strat thru a Jacques Overtube into to a Fender HRDX clean channel. The R.C. Strat has Fender C.S. pups that were supposed to be used in the higher priced R.C. Custom series, but I read an interview w/ R.C. and he said they used the pups he spec’ed in the cheaper artist series, too. Best sounding Stat that I’ve ever played. The Overtube is like 2 tube screamers in series. Has a "cascade" switch, so you can run 1 T.S, or hit the cascade button to get 2 T.S. in series. This set up sounds very similar the tone SRV was getting on Texas Flood and Couldn't Stand the Weather
Here's the link to Jacques. He's a Frenchman who offers a wide variety of great sounding stomp boxes.

Jacques Stompboxes

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