Speaker switch in 2x12, EVH for V30


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Aug 15, 2020
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I have a 2x12 as my primary output for playing at home. It's shared by a Marshall SV20H and a Blackstar HT20 Mk III. (Though never at the same time.) Then I have a Fender Princeton Reverb, that's generally the dry output, though not always, for stereo playing. The 2x12 has had a Greenback and an EVH in it for a couple of months. I didn't care for it. Too base dominant for the music I like to play. I did a bunch of research and a little talking with others, and decided the next thing I'd try, hoping to be the last for quite a while, would be a V30. Originally, I was deciding which Creamback I'd go with, until deeper research led me to the V30 being paired with the Greenback. For me, it turned out really well, even though the V30's not broken it yet. Mid's and high end is super crisp and clear. Base seems a little thin at this point, but that may just be me not used to it yet. It's a pretty dramatic difference.

I did the swap today. I've only played an LP and a P90 equipped SG through it. I have some Strats, but haven't hooked one up yet. I play lighter toned 60's and 70's music, like Cream, Frampton and Doobie Brothers, for instance, with occasional dips into thicker tones like ZZ Top and Joan Jett, and of course, some blues like SRV.

I really do like this speaker combo very much. Greenback rated at 98db, V30 rated at 100db. We'll see how it sounds after some more play. I have quite a few pedals to mimic the sounds of others when that's what I'm after and the amp/speakers won't do it on completely on their own, preferred. I know my tone chasing will be much easier with this combo than the previous.





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May 15, 2020
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Nice rig there man, I have also read good things about that pairing, I have possibly the 2x10in version of that pairing, in a 10in creamback and a g10 vintage. Did try mixing the 10in creamback /g10 with a 12in vintage 30, got a nice filling in with the g10 and a more airy top end with the creamback.

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