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Jan 17, 2008
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Found this somewhere else. It was not done by me and I don't know who did it. So you can take it for what it is, someones opinion.

Thought I would share some info on my experiments in the studio regarding speaker choice (if you're interested)...

Over the last 5 years or so I've been through many speakers. I'm a guitar tone obsessed recording engineer / producer and I made sure comparisons were made under fairly 'scientific' circumstances.

I basically wanted one quad loaded with M's, one with H's. Each quad was loaded with various speakers, and then a signal was reamped through a variety of amps, recorded and compared. This was done at various times as I acquired different speakers etc. Basically took a few years really to work through it all, as I was experimenting with amps, mics, mic-pres, placement, guitars etc as well - like I said - obsessed...

I tried to cover as many tones as possible, from jazzy to metal - but good old fashioned blues-rock to rock is my fave. Used some Les Pauls (buckers and P90's) a strat, tele and a 335 mostly.

Amps used:

1969 Marshall JMP50 plexi
Marshall Jubilee
Metro '69 Super Lead clone
1977 Marshall JMP with Slash / SIR #36 mod
1982 Marshall JCM800
Ceriatone TMB36
1964 Vox AC30
1963 Fender blonde Bassman
1962 Fender brown Super
Splawn Quick Rod
Diezel Einstein and Herbert
Bogner XTC and Uberschall
Mesa Dual Recto
Fender tweed twin reissue
Orange AD30
+ a few others

Here's what pleased my ear, and seemed fairly consistent amongst the guitar players I worked with.

G12M reissue (the regular one): not bad, a little brittle and lacking in creamy mids 6/10
G12M 1970 pre-rola: pretty sweet, softened highs as expected, not really worth what I paid for it 7/10
G12M 1971 pre-rola: ok, nothing special. maybe 35 years ago would've sounded awesome? not worth $ 6/10
G12M blackback: nothing special, pretty crunchy. good mids but highs a little harsh and fizzy 6/10
Scumback M75: nice, darker than the celestion reissue, but real good sounding mids, worked well with bright amp 8/10
G12M heritage: oh yeah, this is the one... brighter than scumback, but not harsh.. good crunch, mid, lows 9.5/10

G12H anniversary: ok, a bit peaky in upper mids, but not like V30, nothing special 5/10
G12H heritage: a real shitbox, tried to like it for months but ended up really hating it, very harsh 3/10
G12H 1970 pre-rola: pretty nice, creamy but still good highs. wasn't cheap though 7/10
G12H blackback 1978: harsh, but not too unpleasant. good for hard rock, that fizzy kind of Kiss sound. 5/10
Scumback H55: now we're talking, good lows but still plenty bright. this is what they were trying to do with the Heritage 9/10
Scumback H75: we have a winner - great speaker all round. can't really fault it, although the G12M heritage has sweeter mids but man this is a great speaker 10/10

Celestion Blue: great with Vox obviously, pricey but kinda worth it
Celestion Gold: i like this speaker, is quite bright though, and much harder to blow up than blue!
Scumnico: nice, quie dark though. very sweet and creamy.
new Jensen stuff: ok, not real impressive, Webers generally sound better.
Celestion G12-65: don't know what the hype's about.. ok on cleans, nothing special.
Vintage 30: never liked 'em except for agro music. horrible upper mid spike, ok for live maybe?
Celestion G12K-85 (now called the G12K100) - very loud, lots and lots of mids, wasn't a fan of it with most amps but worked pretty well with real modern / gainy amps like the Diezels.

Of course different amps like different speakers ( and guitars ) but I've got to say, the Scumback H75 and Celestion G12M heritage are bloody hard to beat, real solid stuff.

Cheers, interested to hear others' experiences.


Pain in the Rear!
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Jan 6, 2009
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Weber speakers are really cool! I think both Weber and Warehouse are largely underestimated, but they do offer a ton of bang for the buck.

ghost driver

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Mar 11, 2009
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I agree with Zepplin "great stuff"! I haven't tried most of those speakers but the one's I have used such as the G12M Heritage, V30, and G12H and a few others I have the exact same feeling about. I must say though I haven't used the Vintage 30 or G12H alone. They are in my Dr Z 2x12 cab and they sound good together. To my 51 year old ears that G12M is the one.
Just a quick story, I have a Vox AC15 that I almost sold because hated the tone. It was hard to even use it. I put a G12M Greenback in it and wow. It's now my go to.

Sin Nombre

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May 21, 2009
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Ah, that makes me even more convinced I should try the Warehouse Greenback clone. :hmm:


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Jan 23, 2009
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I've tryed most of those and like the Heritage G12-65 the best. Heritage 20w are good too.
I gave up on Scumbacks.


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Sep 6, 2007
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G12H Heritage Harsh? I have found the speaker is
anything but harsh.
pretty much everyone i know that has and uses them say they
are surupy smooth great deep low end, im able to get a lot more
classic rock sound, and blues rock than other speakers.

They sound best with my Vintage Modern, and Orange Rockerverb 50.

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