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Jan 20, 2010
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Tim Fezz here at my chipped table. Thinking about R+R. I'll be recording again soon. 3 songs in the bag. 15 more to go. I thought I was done with R+R! After my "comeback" in 2008 CRASHED AND BURNED,Why didn't I quit? Instead, I "forced" my guitar-tech to drum for me. We played together for almost two years. No gigs. No recordings. We did shoot 5 or so comedy vids.Then ,no more jamming. Tons of excuses.

I was REALLY ready to hang it up. Just talk JUNK! Then>>>>>


"Tim,Johhny Hate here."
"Johnny, what is hoppin'?"
" How is your band? Need a bassist?"
"John I have NOBODY. My drummer tanked on me."
"I'll play drums and bass."

I sat there stunned. WHY MUST THEY KEEP CALLING ME? R+R has almost destroyed me. Expectations CRUSHED! Glimpses of GREATNESS.

" Why John? You have your cover band."
"I know ,but I need MORE."
" More?"
" Alright Johnny. One more try. Will you die for me?"
"Hell Yeah~!"
"You are sicker than I am."


Some R+R Writing

Here I am. Just clicking +clacking. What to do? Start dancing? Eat cranes? Chase fireflies? I know. How bout a conversation with DEAD R+R Stars?

Who is this?
Should I know you?
No. I'm unknown
I'll talk. I'm bored.
Who are you?
Lowell George
NO kidding? You are GREAT
Was Great
How is DEATH treating you?
It is OK. I'm constantly BUZZED
What do you think of modern Rock?
I don't like it. Wilco and Nirvana are the last bands I liked
Do you ever see other musicians?
I saw SRV and Paul Kossoff awhile back. We jammed.
What guitars did you use?
SRV used Lenny. Paul used a lemon-burst LP. I used a stock Strat.
Sounds like a good jam.
It was. We played alot of blues. Little Wing and a 3 day version of While My Guiutar Gently Weeps
I better let you go. I was just "fishing" for lost souls. Nice meeting you Lowell.
Cool Fezz. I'm here if you want to rap
I'll hit you back in a couple of weeks. You can always visit me at my apartment. I have a 2004 Strat you would like

Lowell fades away. Now what? ////////////////////////????????????????????

I know. Just let the ROCK flow. E chords. Smoke. Fuses. BRRRRRRRBBBB


I have been playing tons of Tele lately. My two Teles are GOLD. They bring out the 50's Rock in me. Simple pentatonic runs and cowboy chords.

People always talk about necks and scale lengths. I could CARE less. I'll bounce back and forth between guitars. Strats+Sgs+Lps +Teles=No problem. People over-think.

A guitar is a guitar. They get this STRICT ideas. I can't play Strats. They feel wrong. I used to believe that. I was a Les Paul man. Les Paul or bust. The first time I played a STrat And a Tele were in the studio in 1992. I got two first takes. How? I did not think about the differences between Gibsons +Fenders. I thought about one thing, R+R!


I get to leave work in TWENTY minutes. I'm going home and writing some new songs. I have stopped writing NEW songs. I have TONS that need to be recorded. I don't care. I feel like writing some songs."Talking" to Lowell inspired me.

I feel like writing some southern flavoured ROck. I think I'll play my Strat tonight. People ask why so many guitars? I tell them different guitars 'write" different songs. I wish I could take credit. I can't. I'm like Keef. I plug in and my fingers do what they want to.

Most songs are written in a half hour. I won't work any longer than that on a song. It is a waste. Several of my best songs were written in 10 minutes. The R+R gods send them into my brain. They like me.



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2. WineRed Norlin LP Standard
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4. Swart amp
5. Slash MXR Octave Fuzz
6. Getim Getim Purple sparkle strap


Signing out from Lowelladelphia
Tim Feet

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