Some epiphone Parts


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Jul 1, 2008
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Im not sure if your allowed to post ebay ads of your own here,if its bad please delete!
Special discounts to MLP members,send me a msg via ebay BUT dont pay the BIN Price! i would rather you deposit straight into my paypal.:thumb:
4.99 off MLP members
Tuneomatic bridge+Tailpiece for Epiphone or import GOLD - eBay (item 150297301396 end time Sep-28-08 22:05:20 PDT)
2.99 off MLP members
Epiphone/import speed knobs black FOUR - eBay (item 150297303036 end time Sep-28-08 22:15:08 PDT)
4.99 off MLP members
Epiphone/import wiring harness pots and toggle switch - eBay (item 150297305029 end time Sep-28-08 22:28:04 PDT)

Im in need of cash so i thought i would give selling these a shot.:)