some amps I've had and loved or not so much


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Oct 21, 2008
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Hi all, Thought I would do a quick review on some of the amps I have or have had.

Please note: all ebay links are not my products for sale, just listing them as reference.

Egnater Rebel 20: I have sounded off plenty regarding this amplifier... I love it!

Epiphone Valve Jr.: I have sounded off plenty regarding this amplifier as well... Awesome for low volume playing and sounds great with pedals.

Peavey Deuce:

peavey deuce electric guitar amp series 240 - eBay (item 290282138396 end time Dec-17-08 15:14:01 PST)

I had this amplifier for aproximately 1 day. It was really, really, really loud. Even when I jam with other guitarists, bassist and drummer, this amp is really really loud. If you play out and you want a really big sound, this amp is up to it. Better than descent sound, and rediculous volume. I bought it on ebay last year, and sold it on Craigslist a day or two later... Didn't lose any money :)

I would say this amp would be great for a back-up amplifier, not much money and is up to a really descent size venue.

Guitar Research T-60R combo amplifier:

Guitar Research T60R Guitar Amplifier Combo Tube Tone - eBay (item 270291674924 end time Nov-30-08 19:50:22 PST)

Like the above Peavey, this is another tube pre-amp type amplifier. This amp was made as a private label for Sam Ash guitar centers. I bought one new last year for somewhere around $175 (it was on close-out, they were originally much more) and it is one of the best purchases I ever made. This amp has very good tone, and channel 2 distortion is great (can handle classic to modern metal without the need for pedals). I play this amp over drummers, bassist and other guitarists and it easily handles it. Has built in reverb which sounds wonderful and a wide array of tone and distortion, does not need pedals at all. Not too happy with the effects loop on it however, but not a big deal for me. Mine just may not work correctly and others work better.

When deciding between which amp to keep, this or my Fender Blues Jr., it was an easy decision. I took my guitar research amp. If you can score one at under $200, then jump on it. It is worth much more, but because they closed out for under $200 at Sam Ash, it shouldn't cost more. If you do want one or a second (I really should have bought two, and the head and cabinet version as well), I would still consider this a great amp at 3X it's cost!

Fender Blues Jr.: I no longer have this amp. That is not a complaint regarding the amp, just a fact. For what it is, the Blues Jr. offers wonderful tone, however it is rediculously overpriced at this point for what it offers. I believe they are now around $475 (when I bought mine, they were still at $400). It is very difficult to control volume without a pedal (at bedroom/apt./condo situations). The fat button is kind of a joke, doesn't really offer up a noticeable change. The reverb is wonderful, as well as the tone. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a great amp, beautiful clean tones and with a volume pedal, can handle very quiet to quite rocking volumes. I just feel for the money, there is alot out there that you can do better with. If you love Fender amps, then what the hell, you aren't going to get a better sounding amp, but like the above amp at several hundred less which sounded just as good with more options and the EVJ with a tube swap and an eq. pedal, and many others, I am hard pressed to recomend this amp to anyone who doesn't "need" a Fender in their arsenal.

Fender Champion 600: As you might have guessed, I am really into small amps. I have never been so dissapointed in an amp before. Even though I was looking for low volumes, I still didn't want to sacrifice sound. The sound of this amp seemed very small to me, very toy like. Didn't care for the low input, and the high input seemed to break up too early. As some care much for this amp, I don't want to dwell, but for $50 more, get the EVJ head and cabinet, much better and bigger sound.


Brand New Pignose 7-100 Portable Amplifier - Very COOL! - eBay (item 300279806000 end time Jan-08-09 11:50:18 PST)

I do not use this amp nearly as much as it deserves. I couldn't imagine going on a camp-out or picnic without it. I can't wait for the weather to get nice out again, so I can sit on my deck and play it outside. At low volumes, this amp is quite clean sounding and when you raise the volume, this amp does what it is known for, it truly "squeals". By opening and closing the front door on it at different amounts, there are endless sound and tone variations.
Seriously, there are some items every guitarist "needs" and to me, this is something that should be in every players aresenal.

Smokey amp:

NEW SMOKEY AMPS MINI CIGARETTE BOX GUITAR PRACTICE AMP! - eBay (item 270314671690 end time Dec-17-08 21:50:33 PST)

This too is another "must have". Think of it as the Pignose for the more modern player. While it is a fun toy, this amp is more than a toy. It sounds amazing considering it is $25, and it sounds great if it was more. It makes a great distortion pedal and as it states, it can push cabinets! Again, wouldn't go camping without it, more distortion for more modern rock than the pignose. Also, is perfect for playing on the college quad or park, very cool sounding amp! With the holidays here, seriously, if you know a guitarist and you want to get them something very cool for not much money, this is it!

Marshall Micro Stack- I had an older version (12W), that I picked up when I lived in England some 15 years ago. I believe it was in their valvestate line. I did like this amp, and the new ones seem even better than mine was, for $300, again, I think you can do better all around, but for it being a Marshall, it isn't a bad deal either. Nothing sounds like a Marshall after all! I don't see myself getting another microstack, now I am a tube addict, but it wasn't a bad amp at all. Given the right guitar, this little stack ripped it up!

Hope you find my reviews helpful as I do find all of yours! and again, if there are two amps I really recomend, it is the top two, the Epiphone Valve jr. and the Rebel 20. Wouldn't try to get the EVJ over drums (but it might, but it would sound kinda lame), but it is GREAT for the living room player! The Rebel 20 can easily handle band situations and can handle bands, bars and can always be PA'd if bigger. If you are on a limited budget, the Guitar Research amp is a great amp for more than what you can get it for. 60W is quite descent, the tone is great (no real overdrive to speak of, but it is only a tube hybrid). If you are just getting into playing with bands, this is a great amp for that especially. Sounds great at low and high volumes by the way.


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