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Mar 28, 2012
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This is a quasi-clone of the Friedman Small Box Randy made last year called the M50x. It is a 2x EL34, 3x 12AX7 JCM800/2204 based topology but the middle gain stage is 2k7R/.68uf vs the stock 10kR. Channel 2 is a boost with a mid control and additional gain control. It can be clean and pristine or you can turn it up to hot rodded JCM territory and it is possibly the most “touch sensitive” amp So even at high gain settings if you back off it cleans up nicely.
It has Antek Power and Hammond Output transformers and comes loaded with a pair of Ruby EL34BHT and 3x EH 12AX7s.
I bought it earlier this year as just a chassis and had the headcab custom built in black and gold by Direct Guitar Cabinets, inc. The amp comes with the power cord and a Fender branded footswitch.

$700 shipped or will trade for a Gibson Explorer or Fender American Telecaster


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