SOLD- pls remove post-1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard Cherry Burst Near Mint $2500


Sep 15, 2013
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1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard in near mint condition. This guitar is completely original and comes in the original chainsaw case (with a key!) with blue lining, this guitar is essentially in unplayed condition. Time has introduced a few Imperfections: the headstock shows a ridge on the seam of the bat-wing in the gloss black, finish flake at heal joint and cracking on the pickup rings from age and pressure (they can be replaced with Historics from Gibson when they are available, but they do their job just fine). None of this is anything more than aging of material and is common, though less prominent on this well preserved example. There is no playing wear, no fret wear, no swirls or finish issues or the like. This indeed has Tim Shaw pickups and sounds terrific, perfect of 70's and 80's (and 60's)- Zep and Aerosmith. The neck on this guitar is thinner overall than the neck on my R8 (front to back) but has similar width and fretboard crown, but there is less material on this one- it is slimmer. The only reason for sale is that I have an R8 now, this one sounds as good but I prefer the thicker neck of my R8. The price reflects the condition- The chainsaw case is in as good of condition as the guitar. Serial 82606XXX - Sept 17, 1986 date. Double boxing correctly for shipping. USA Shipping Only, roughly $100- not more. I am Redrabit on Ebay and Brad'sGear Garage on Reverb. Price here reflects a direct transaction with PayPal.


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