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Aug 26, 2020
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Very nice matched-set of Tim Shaw pickups from a 1986 Gibson Custom. The chrome covers have never been off.

Covers are still nice and shiny. There is some pick scuffing-type wear on the one pickup.

Everything you want in a set of pickups is here: Nice, uncut leads, 11 1/2” & 11 3/4” respectively ( not measured down to the 1/64”, just what my trusty carpenter’s tape shows! lol!), not dented or pitted, not rusty, screws not boogered up.

I have a couple guitars with Shaw’s in them and they sound amazing.

Tim Shaw was tasked by Gibson to make pickups that replicated the original PAFs, he came extremely close IMHO.

I have stockpiled too many pickups recently and over the years. Have enough pickups to satisfy my pruritus. I do not anticipate buying too many guitars in the future to put these in.

Time for someone else to stockpile, or install these.

The pickup that measures 7.31 Ohms has the 11 1/2” lead. The pickup measuring 7.41 Ohms has a 11 3/4” lead.

$550, shipped CONUS.

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