Sold pending payment: 2016 Wizard MCI 50 with custom footswitch


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Aug 11, 2012
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Selling my 2016 Wizard Modern Classic 50. A meticulous handwired monster. Best built, sounding and playing amp Ive had to date... and Ive had sooo many of the boutiques and then some... So why sell? My band is moving in a bit different direction and therefore need a lil different flavor. The best live tones Ive heard have all been Wizard backline... The Pretty Reckless, Damon Johnson, Frank Sidoris, The Living End.... album tones Metallica garage inc 2, AC/DC, Accept, etc, etc. Nothing sounds like a Wizard.. nor fills a room like a Wizard. I use this a lot in my apt and it sounds just fine at speaking levels.. the loop send/return can act like 2nd master which really comes in handy for lower volume playing or balancing fx mix on/off... But, get some volume with this amp and it is glorious, monsterous, and punishing. Ive actually nicknamed her 'Redrum' since it murders everything else in the room :)... all other amps just seem small. This one was built in 2016 by Rick... so it has clean channel with boost.. boost just adds volume... it doesn't grit and gain up like the MCII...but plenty of headroom to hit with pedals. Channel 2 is lead channel with boost(same as MCII)... from plexi to jcm to the best modded marshall with hiwatt power section imagined... at volume it very much has feel and response as a Mesa IIC+. Transparent and no noise fx loop with send and return levels. Lead Bright control on back which does as named, line out. Amp is in excellent condition... the only little flaw is a hairline crack in nameplate by right screw... but it's so minor you wouldn't know it unless pointed out. EL34's have been recently biased at 34mA. I will also include a custom black magic 3 button footswitch that allows you to switch what you need. I currently use it for loop on/off, lead boost on/off, ch 1/2. Also included is padded tuki cover. Asking $2850 shipped/insured paypald. No trades please.

(at 20sec in is this exact amp)
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