** SOLD ** Knaggs Kenai J - price lowered

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Jan 5, 2008
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I am selling my Knaggs Kenai J. It is in excellent condition -- no dings, dents, bumps, buckle rash. There are playing scratches on the pick guard. I bought the guitar new with the tortoise shell pick guard, the bought the black one from Knaggs, which it what is on it now. Both are included. You can change it without having to remove the strings, pickups, etc. Body is all mahogany. Guitar is all stock except for the bridge pickup which has been changed to an Arcane PX-8, which is a nice raunchy PAF with an Alnico 8 magnet. I bought the pickup uncovered from Arcane, however he was kind enough to send me the nickel cover is well. The original JB is not included.

Spec shee has the actual specs. Neck specs from Kenai are: Neck shape: .875/.885 1⁄2 fret to .975 /.985 – 12th.5 fret

$2000 - SOLD Absolutely no trades

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