SOLD! Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1959 Makeover Mod. 2014 Ocean Blue


Apr 15, 2018
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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 1959 Makeover Mod. 2014 Ocean Blue

Les Paul traditional made in 2014 are known to be very similar to the reissue models.

Solid Mahogany without weight relief! And this baby is crazy light, only 8.08lbs!
You won't find a USA one without chamber/weight relief this light everyday!

I bought it new back in 2015, after that I have a local luthier modified the bridge to the "true" Throbak aged abr-1 bridge. Which means not using a adapter, but real woods refilled the hole and re-drilled as abr-1. The modification made this guitar even closer to the real deal or reissue, but only not breaking the bank. The tailpiece is also changed into a aged Gibson light weight aluminum tailpiece. Poker, truss rod cover, knobs, pickup rings were replaced with the vintage spec ones too.

Sounds really amazing, definitely better than any USA model I have tried. More on the brighter and twangy side. I also A/B with lots of reissues, I can say she stands her own place and beats up those regular historic, TH or even a Murphy aged one!

Pots and circuit are upgraded with the 500k ohm Emerson/CTS pots. Total upgrades are about $250! Pickguard and pickup covers were removed, they will come with the original pots and plastics. (I also attached couple pictures I took before I changed the parts)

Neck and frets are all perfect! Slightly finish swirl and couple tiny dents on the back.
Comes with documents, COA, original parts and OHSC. Asking $old PP and shipped.
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