(SOLD ELSEWHERE) PedalpalFX Plexi Emulator silver 959 PAL959


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Sep 7, 2011
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For sale is a used PedalpalFX 959 Plexi emulator. These pedals are made by hand by a guy in Venezuala and the attention to detail is astounding. This pedal really does the Marshall "plexi" thing in the correct manner. A real plexi has a bit of rudeness and brightness to it so it will cut through the mix. You can get that in spades with this pedal (if you want). As for the amount of gain, think old ZZ Top or Skynard. Not a high gain pedal but if you need to you can push it with a boost and get more gain.

After selling my 76 JMP I searched for a long time for a plexi pedal that would give me THAT tone in front of my Two Rock (on clean channel). This is it. I am ONLY selling it because I have 2. I purchased the newer version and have gone back and forth on which one to keep and which one to sell. They really sound almost exactly the same. The new one has a few more bells and whistles so I decided to sell the older one (which is maybe a mistake as I LOVE the simplicity of getting good tones out of this with just the gain knob). Probably making a mistake as with losts of boutique pedals the originals will go up in value.

Comes with original box and manual. Condition is excellent.

Read all about it here:



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