Sold: Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina large-diaphragm condenser microphone


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Apr 4, 2013
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Up for sale a like-new Edwina large-diaphragm condenser mic from Ear Trumpet Labs. This is a really cool and stylish mic that's great for acoustic guitars (among other things). I had my mind made up that I was going to switch to this singe-mic setup and sell my pair of Neumann KM184, but I decided that I just can't do it, so I'm going to just sell this instead and keep my Neumanns.

I got this brand new from an authorized Ear Trumpet Labs dealer on Saturday and only used it for about an hour that day doing some A/B tests with my Neumanns.

Like new condition (just opened it up and tested it out). Sale includes the papers and Shure clip that it came with.

Asking $550 PP/shipped ConUS. PM me for international shipping.

Here's more from Ear Trumpet Labs:

Our most popular model, Edwina is a versatile large-diaphragm condenser microphone with great sound to match her distinctive but not dominating looks.

With meticulously tested, hand-wired electronic components, Edwina is designed specifically for feedback rejection in demanding live settings. Her smooth, detailed sound excels at all kinds of stage duties, from vocals to acoustic instruments to drum overheads, and also shines in the studio as a warm, accurate recording mic. She is optimized as a single-source mic, but with a sweet spot from one out to 18 inches, she does great capturing voice and instrument together for solo or even two performers.


On stage and in studio for vocals, close-miking acoustic instruments (guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle), drum overheads, electric guitar cabinets.


• Hand-made microphone with unique appearance
• Side or end address, using pivoting bracket
• Capsule and electronics tuned for close to medium distance use on the most difficult stages with excellent feedback rejection
• Internal shock dampers for minimal handling noise
• Integral silk and mesh pop filter, for effective control of plosives without loss of clarity
• Transformerless FET fully balanced electronics
• Highest quality hand-wired electronic components - film caps, precision resistors, hand tested and matched transistors, with component values tuned for the individual circuit.


• TRANSDUCER TYPE: condenser, large (26 mm) diaphragm
• POLAR PATTERN: cardioid
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 - 15K hz (-3dB)
• SENSITIVITY: -38.9dB (11 mV/Pa)
• NOISE LEVEL (A-weighted): <14 dBA
• POWER REQUIREMENT: +48V phantom power
• WEIGHT: 454gr (1845gr cased)
• DIMENSIONS: 222mm x 102mm x 45mm; head is 76mm in diameter


• Metal tool case with foam padding, 280mm x 153mm x 76mm
• Mic clip


• Phantom power supply (if using with a combo amp)
• Edwina pop filter (if close-miking on a large stage)
• Røde Dead Kitten: wind filter that works well for open-air stages


"Lead vocals worked so well that I resisted pulling out mics that cost ten times more. That's unusual at this price point for a picky bastard like me." – Larry Crane, Tape Op

"An accomplishes large-diaphragm mic with a tight cardioid polar pattern that makes it well suited to studio close miking and live-sound applications." - Sound on Sound

"I have yet to find a source that it sounds bad on. Rather than calling it a workhorse mic, it's more like the dark horse mic!" - Recording Mag