SOLD: David Allen Alleycats lower wind PAF humbuckers


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Apr 4, 2013
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These came in a Les Paul R8 historic I just picked up.
These are hand wound lower wind PAF type pickups. A2 magnets.
Nicely aged and are four conductor.
5 1/2 inches lead on bridge and 10 1/2 inches on neck.
Bridge measures out at 8.1 and the neck at 6.9.
I don't know what color the bobbins are.

The tone is one of excellent clarity and vintage tone.
Actually sound very similar to my favorite pickups which are SD Antiquities.

These sell new for $255 with the covers.
Will sell for $175 OBO shipped PP Gift.

Would do partial trade plus cash for a historic wiring harness, truss rod cover, or switch washer.
No other trades.

Here is link with more detail and videos.

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