SOLD: 2007 PRS SC245 - McCarty Burst


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Apr 14, 2011
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2007 PRS SC245 - McCarty Burst - Very clean

SOLD (paypal fees and shipping included)
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Selling a recent purchase. I'm a Les Paul guy but I couldn't resist purchasing this beauty recently. I had never owned a PRS and have always wanted to try one. While the guitar sounds/plays/looks incredible I simply don't get the inspiration playing a PRS as I do playing a Les Paul. I know that's completely in my head but it is what it is. As a result I'm going to let this guitar go to a good home.

To the best of my knowledge everything on the guitar is original. It has a very comfortable neck profile somewhere between a 50's and 60's Les Paul neck profile. The dimensions are .87" at the first fret and .96" at the 12th fret. It weighs in at a very comfortable 8lbs, 1oz so it's easy on the back. The guitar has very nice sound to it and actually sounds very similar to many Les Paul's that I've owned in the past.

Cosmetically it's in very nice shape with just a few very minor blemishes and the hardware has developed a very nice patina to it. Paul signed the backplate but it's starting to wear off. You can either leave it as is or clean it off if you don't want it. There is hardly any fret wear at all. It comes with the original hardshell case (great condition) and case candy.

The pictures were provided by the original seller about a month ago. The last few are close-ups of the known blems on the guitar.

. Pickups: Stock
. Weight: 8lbs, 1oz
. Neck: .87" / .96"
. Other: OHSC, case candy

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