SOLD: 2007 Gibson SG Special - Worn brown - Natural relic + aged parts


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Apr 14, 2011
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2007 Gibson SG Special - Worn brown - Natural relic + aged parts



Sorry but no trade offers please
Shipping via Fedex only within the continental United States

Hands down the best SG that I've ever owned. I usually don't keep guitars for long but I've held on to this SG for over 3 years and I really hate the idea of selling it. But I need to raise more funds and sadly this was next on the list after the other items that I've recently sold. As you can see in the pictures the SG has a fantastic physical appearance starting with the worn brown finish. The previous owner played it a lot and provided the natural relicing on the body. I replaced most all of the parts with aged versions from Vintage Relic and 59 Parts in order to finish off the look. I also replaced the bridge pickup with a '57 Classic for a sweeter tone. The stock 490R remains in the neck.

It weighs a mere 6 pounds and the neck is super sweet with .82" at the 1st fret and .96" at the 12th. Not a baseball bat but it does have a later 50's profile as you work down the neck. I do not have a case for it but I'll pick up a gig bag to ship it in unless you want to pick it up locally and have your own.

. Pickups: 57 Classic in bridge, 490R in neck
. Electronics: Stock
. Weight: 6lbs 0z
. Neck: .82" / .96"
. Case: Will ship in a gig bag
. Mods: Body naturally relic'd, all other parts replaced with aged versions. Aged parts include pickup covers, pickup screws, ABR-1, thumbwheels, knobs, knob pointers, lightweight tailpiece and posts, switch ring, and switch tip.


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