Sold: 1934 Pre-War Martin 0-17


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Apr 4, 2013
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I just bought a banner-era Gibson and pre-CBS Fender, so I'm going to have to hit the classifieds pretty hard in the next month or so. :eek:

Here we have my 1934 Martin 0-17 acoustic guitar. This is a great example of a pre-war Martin that has had all the TLC that these almost always need already done to it (see below). It appears to have had a separation at the center seam at some point, but is stable.

It was in decent shape when I got it, but I had the following work professionally done by Jason Burns in November-December 2017 (I can provide some pics of the process to you if you're interested):
  • neck reset
  • refret
  • new bridge/saddle
  • new bone nut
  • re-glue a couple of loose braces
1934 was the first year that Martin started using the steel T-bar truss rod and this one has that, so the neck is very sturdy. The open-back Grover tuners turn easily and hold tuning well. As you probably already know, the top, back, and sides are mahogany, which gives it a really nice warm tone. I especially like it for playing lead, but it also sounds great fingerstyle as well as strummed. The action is very comfortable and the frets are still in excellent shape. Following the neck reset and refret, it really does play fantastically.

Weight is 3 lbs, 8.2 oz.

The neck is a soft V shape with approximately 1.75" width at the nut. Here are the neck thickness measurements:
  • 1st fret: 0.838"
  • 7th fret: 1.014"
  • 12th fret: 1.076"

Sale includes a hardshell case, which is quite old, but not original. It looks like it was intended for a 00-sized guitar. It's in great shape structurally, but some of the covering is starting to peel at the edges.

Asking $3095 shipped ConUS.

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