So let's see those Strats!

Logan Tyler

May 5, 2017
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I looked and looked at a lot of threads and I couldn't find one where people were showing their Strats off. So, since I couldn't, I decided to make one! I'll start off this thread with mine; a Fender Classic Series 60s Lacquer in FSR Daphne Blue with a matching Headstock:

So, now that you saw mine...
I want to see yours!


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Nov 25, 2012
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Love Strats! They were my exclusive axe of choice for years. Nowadays, they split time with my LPs due to most of the material my band plays. I like mine as close to vintage specs as possible, hums, buzzes, rattles, tuning issues and all. The warts are what make Strats so unique! I have had several over the years but these are the ones I have kept as my best of the best:

This is a copy of an early CBS I spent some time on to get exactly right. It uses USA Custom Guitars body and a neck I specified with Brazilian rosewood and clay dots. The hardware is all Fender and the pickups are handwound Abbies. The candy apple red finish was done by Lay's Guitars and the entire guitar was assembled and aged by Bill Nash. If the side dots were not so hard to see on a dark stage, I would probably play this a lot more often, as it sounds and plays like a killer.

This is a late 90s SRV. I did lose the tacky pickguard and installed Van Zandt Vintage Plus pups to get it as close as possible to sounding like the real thing. This is another killer Strat that has a huge, vintage tone. I do keep it tuned down 1/2 step, as that is a requirement if you really want to nail that SRV tone.

This is one of the very first "light" relics done by Vince Cunetto as per an artist's request. Burgundy Mist is such a cool and rare color! The only things I have done to this guitar is a refret with stainless steel 6105s and added a PIO .01uF tone cap that I put in all my Strats.

One of my gigging Strats. This is a 69 NOS that I special ordered from the Fender CS to have all the "goodies" I wanted, a big U-shaped neck with 6105 frets and vintage radius, lightweight alder body and handwound Abby pups. Other than changing the tone cap, this one stays as it was delivered.

This is my main stage Strat. It is one of the very last Cunetto relics. This one also had a stainless 6105 refret and is loaded with Fralin Vintage Hots. This is one of those guitars that i will never part with.

Group shot:



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Sep 4, 2007
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Here's my Strat Collection:

'90 MIJ Fender 50's RI strat:

'89 Fender Old CAR Strat:

'07 MIM Fender FSR Oly White Reverse Headstock strat:

'07 Fender '57 AVRI Surf Green Strat:

'90 Fender Pewter Strat Plus:

'75 Mocha, '79 Antigua, '87 Sunburst, '09 Daphne Blue, '10 Oly White, '12 Candy Cola Strats:

'90(E9), '90 (N9), '95 All Strat Plus's:
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Sep 3, 2007
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2015 MIM Strat in mint condition w/white hardshell case. With some killer upgrades done by the previous owner...

Jeff Beck Hot Noiseless Loaded Pickguard
Fender Locking Tuners
Upgraded large steel block trem bridge
Roller string tree

Got it all for $400 bucks!

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Nov 1, 2016
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This American Deluxe swamp ash special doesn't look like this anymore and I don't have recent pics since I've lent it to a friend some time ago.


Just got done doing a facelift and pickup swap in it, so I have some new pics!

Took out the noiseless OEM's and put in a pair of used Fender 57/62 in the neck and middle position. I used my old original Rio Grande Barbecue in the bridge position for a little more girth. With S-1 switching this thing sings like a bird! Finally! It was such a tone turd that I lent it out years ago! My friend is gonna have a hard time getting this back from me now!
Abalone inlays

the Happy Family...

My Barbecued Mexi-caster a.k.a. my Heifer Manure-caster at work in the TV studio last week..

Made in Mexico of unknown year and origin. I got it used and cheap...and UGLY!
Got it's first name from the Texas Barbecue pickup set I put in there.
The second name is from the toanz it gives me, similar to Alex's Hentor Sportscaster from the 80's. Compliments of the cat stickerz! I was told that's where the toanz are..
Vintage 80's Mighty Mite partscaster. The body was cut and finished by me in a friend's wood-shop. I don't know what it was made out of. The rest of the bling is mostly Mighty mite and the pups were DiMarzio SD with the hex poles, then traded out for assorted rails and used singles.
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