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May 31, 2007
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VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash has issued the following update:

"I don't know how I'm supposed to wait until next year to put out [my recently completed solo] record! It is so fucking cool and I am so anxious to get it out already. We start mixing soon and that will be that, ready to go. But I have to wait, there's no way around it, for all kinds of logistic reasons and that's the reality.

"My VELVET REVOLVER bandmates and I had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and although the search for a [new] singer will continue, I am going to tour on my solo record most likely through next summer starting in March or April. We (VELVET REVOLVER) will keep the word of mouth system going and listening to submissions from singers and checking out different singers' sites etc. We know the right guy is out there somewhere. It's possible somebody could turn up before I do my tour and we could start working on new material sooner than later, in a perfect world.

"As far as my tour is concerned, I have already started to put together ideas for a kick-ass band and the plan is to perform some new stuff, [SLASH's] SNAKEPIT, VELVET REVOLVER and GUNS stuff. The new album is really great and deserves that I should support it. Plus, I'm really looking forward to getting out there and doing some gigs; it's been more than a year since I was on a proper tour and all these one-off jams are basically just a tease.

"So, there's the update for now. I'm still tinkering away on the solo record, but there really isn't much left to do on it but mix it, which starts in September."

Slash tracked his solo record with former NINE INCH NAILS drummer Josh Freese and ex-JANE'S ADDICTION bassist Chris Chaney. Confirmed guest singers so far include Ozzy Osbourne and AVENGED SEVENFOLD's M. Shadows. The CD was produced by Eric Valentine (GOOD CHARLOTTE, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) and features additional appearances by ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist Flea. Freese told that Iggy Pop, Fergie (a.k.a. Stacy Ann Ferguson) of the BLACK EYED PEAS and Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN, AUDIOSLAVE) will also appear on the LP. Working songtitles include "We're All Gonna Die", "These Last Words", "Crucify The Dead" and "Beautiful, Dangerous".

Slash left GUNS N' ROSES in the mid-'90s, forming SLASH'S SNAKEPIT before later assembling VELVET REVOLVER with several other ex-members of GUNS N' ROSES and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Scott Weiland (who was dismissed in April 2008).


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Jul 4, 2009
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awesome, id love to see him do a solo tour. Its hard to imagine who might sing for VR, that should be interesting

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